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Have an old car you will like to get rid of? Have an insurance write of, damaged, wrecked or salvaged used vehicle. We will pay you cash for your used vehicle. Whether you have a car title of no car title we can pay you cash for your junk cars. They are many companies buying junk cars, but few are honest enough to give a reasonable amount of cash money for junk cars. If you live in birmingham, Alabama you might ask, how much do we pay for junk cars? Junk car prices, depending on the year and model can range from $50 to $2000.

By using our cash for junk cars for sale service you are placing salvaged vehicle in the hands of professionals. The company will send someone out to pickup your junk car for free and give you cash birmingham, AL. We are one of the quickest and easiest way to sell or remove a junk vehicle from your back yard. We believe strongly that you should be paid cash money for your clunker. We will disposed of you vehicle in a safe way and pay you to do so. Let us show you how to sell a junk car. Got a Toyota, Ford, Mustang, GMC, Chevrolet in the back yard? Contact us Today.

Recent cash offer for Junk vehicles in Birmingham, AL

Year Vehicle Condition Title Why Junk Car Removal
2001Dodge ExcellentyesI believe in saving the environment. dispose in eco friendly way
1982Dodge Pooryesinsurance write off
2005Ford Fearyesinsurance write off
2002Chevy Excellentyesdamaged
1977MG Excellentno titlehigh mileage on this vehicle
2001Hyundai goodyesremoval good for dismantle
2006Dodge Fearyeslove the vehicle but need money like yesterday
2002Chrysler Pooryesmajor parts were removed
1999Chevy Fearyeslove the vehicle but need money like yesterday
1999Dodge goodyesgood for recyling
Metro Truck Rental

100 Metro Parkway Pelham
Birmingham, Alabama 35244

Tom Williams BMW

1000 Tom Williams Way
Birmingham, Alabama 35210

Reliable Motors

1001 3rd Avenue West
Birmingham, Alabama 35204
Used Cars


1001 Pinson Valley Parkway
Birmingham, Alabama 35217

Mitchell Motors

1012 Forestdale Boulevard
Birmingham, Alabama 35214
Used Cars

McKenna Motor Company

1021 Pinson Valley Parkway
Birmingham, Alabama 35217
Used Cars

Rec Vee World

1024 Montgomery Highway
Birmingham, Alabama 35216

C and S Auto Sales

1029 Gadsden Highway
Birmingham, Alabama 35235

Forestdale Discount Tire and Wheel

1048 Forestdale Boulevard
Birmingham, Alabama 35214
Tires Retail

Platinum Automotive

1107 5th Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Used Cars

Sibley Automotive

1109 Forestdale Boulevard
Birmingham, Alabama 35214

Patton`s Inc

1123 Tuscaloosa Avenue Southwest
Birmingham, Alabama 35211
Fuel and Oil Filters

Byrider J D

1124 3rd Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

ABC Auto Parts

1128 Pinson Valley Parkway
Birmingham, Alabama 35217
Used Cars

Randy`s Used Cars

1130 3rd Avenue West
Birmingham, Alabama 35204
Used Cars

Williams Detroit Diesel Allison

1160 Bankhead Highway West
Birmingham, Alabama 35204
Diesel Engine Parts Sales and Service

Cream Motors

1169 Alford Avenue
Birmingham, Alabama 35226
Used Cars

Serra Automotive Group

1170 Center Point Parkway
Birmingham, Alabama 35215

R C Trailer Sales and Service CO Inc

12 Gilmer Industrial Pa
Birmingham, Alabama 35215

Southwest Auto Sales

1200 3rd Avenue West
Birmingham, Alabama 35208
Used Cars

Great Dane Trailers

1208 Bankhead Highway West
Birmingham, Alabama 35204
Truck Trailer Dealers

Bethlhem Auto Sales Inc

1212 Cahaba River Parc
Birmingham, Alabama 35243
Used Cars

Ed`s Used Car and Truck CO

1221 Bessemer Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35228
Used Cars

U Haul CO Independent Dealers Hoover

124 Mars Hill Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35244

National Semi Trailer Corporation

125 Goodrich Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35217

Getting a new carans getting new stuff to keep it clean and organized Ian, who wants to pay that much for a
Birmingham, Alabama 35246 Reply

who is she???
Plus I have friends with cars with the extra junk that makes it more fun but also WAY more expensive and I'm
Birmingham, Alabama 35216 Reply

Daniel Boyd
Everything is a compromise Is anybody willing to junk their cars
Birmingham, Alabama 35295 Reply

Butch Worley
was just thinking the car AJ would be perfect and better than a junk heap pick up
Birmingham, Alabama 35246 Reply

Cynthia Gould
Ever totaled a car Sold a vehicle to a salvage yard Traded an old clunker Watch this
Birmingham, Alabama 35279 Reply

ABC 33/40 News
Every totaled a car, sold a car to a junkyard, traded an old clunker Listen to this
Birmingham, Alabama 35246 Reply

Lil Glock
If you buy junk cars or need a wip hmu I got a 1989 Buick lesabre 4 door for 250$ with the tittle only thing
Birmingham, Alabama 35232 Reply

Mattie ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
I love when people make fun of my tag especially when their car looks like they stole it from from the junk yard https
Birmingham, Alabama 35259 Reply

Lynn Terry
Late night trip to Walmart These two Harley's were sitting front of my car as I loaded my'junk'I started
Birmingham, Alabama 35255 Reply

Can I just sit my car eat junk food and listen to the radio all day Pandora has beentting all the right spots this morning
Birmingham, Alabama 35286 Reply

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