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Where It Is The Voltage Regulator In A 2001 Kia Rio


Where It Is The Voltage Regulator In A 2001 Kia Rio


The Voltage Regulator In A 2001 Kia Ri? Are talking about the throttle. If you are having trouble with voltage level with your Kia Rio do the following to check the sourceDisconnect the sensor electrical connector.Connect an ohmmeter between sensor terminals 1 and 2.Verify that the resistance increases linearly according to throttle angle.Specification should be 1.62.4 ohm (throttle valve closed).If resistance does not meet specification, replace the sensor.Verify that the throttle is at the closed throttle position.Turn the ignition switch ON (engine OFF).Connect a voltmeter between terminal 2 (L/G) and terminal 3 (L/O) on the TPS connector.Measure the voltage at the full open and full closed positions.

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