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Selling Your Used Auto Parts Online

If you have used parts from an old clunker or just spare parts from a used vehicle autoZippy can help you sell your second hand parts. Depending on the make, model of parts one can make a decent amount of money selling used parts online.

At autoZippy we connect used parts sellers to used parts buyers. Seller can advertise their used parts for FREE! Whether you own a salvage yard or just an individual owner of used parts, we can help you sell your used parts fast.Regardless of the kind of parts you can sell it on autoZippy: OEM parts, used parts from clunker, salvage parts, rebuilt parts, aftermarket parts, performance and custom gears, motorcycle, trucks, vans, cars, etc.

Every car regardless of the condition, may have some parts qualified for a sale. If your car is inoperable, there are still parts that are very valuable. The windshield, transmission, ac compressor, wheels, bumper, fender, engine, lights, there are many parts that buyers are looking for.

How it works

Create an account on autoZippy and start uploading the parts for free. Set a price and shipping cost, warranty, and mileage of the part. upon completion of a sale autoZippy retain 5% (from a $100 sale we will retain $5). We process the sale via paypal and send you your money.

Sell Your Used Parts on autoZippy

Images increases the likelihood of a sale.