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Auto repair cost: Labor + parts repair cost by state

A novice car mechanic will definitely like to open-up the car hood and work on it until the car engine sounds smooth and fine. Many other car owners would like to depend upon any "do it yourself" auto repair kit so as to fix any of the car problem self. Whether you are a novice car mechanic, a professional or just a car owner willing to take-up auto repair procedures, you will definitely like to receive quality advice from any auto repair manuals. In case of any emergency situation or a breakdown of your car, the "do it yourself" online auto repair manual will be pretty much handy. .

In markets the mechanics or car owners can find out two kinds of car repair manuals, the online downloadable manuals and printed ones.

Online downloadable car repair manuals

No matter what repair you wish to check out and for what brand car, all details are available at the online car repair manuals just in few clicks. Online car repair manuals are not just about repair information but you can also receive quality technical data for your car. If you wish to take your car to any nearby repair mechanic and if you have already referred to the repair requirements, it will be beneficial for you to keep an eye on the mechanic while he repairs your car. It is any time worth depending on these car repair online manuals to receive some accurate information.

And if you find out any good repair manual online, you will be pleased to see the support from diagrammatic representations, diagnostic data and other technical details. These repair manuals can be original online manuals directly from the manufacturers. Such Original Service manuals include not only the repair and technical data but also the repair descriptions and repair detailed procedures. The downloadable manuals are pretty much handy for the amateur mechanics as well as for the professionals.

A really good auto repair online manual will contain lots of descriptions, diagrams, illustrations and factual data about how you can repair a particular car problem. With specific details about any specific brand car and its parts, your repair procedure can be smoothly taken care off.

The Printed manuals

Here are reviews of some of the best printed car repair manuals that I found out in the markets. If in case you wish to go ahead with printed manuals, you need to wait for its shipping, handling and other procedures a bit longer.


This brand targets professional mechanics and lots of expert mechanics with years of experience use their printed manuals. The car repair manual is available in detailed version. Bentley’s prime focus is not on US models but on European models.


Amateurs just cannot use the factory service manuals as these are targeted towards certified professionals. You may require specialty tools that are available at authorized mechanics.


These manuals use easy-to-understand repair procedures that any amateur mechanics can understand. These include basic repairs and maintenance procedures with images and graphics to explain the repair procedures. With this manual the new cars can be repaired with total attention. Instructions can be easily followed to take care of the older ones.