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Rebuilt engine shops & engine Repairs by State

Does your car create a large oil drop in your driveway or does your engine makes a noise that sounds like parts a knocking each other. This is most likely an engine problem. You can buy a new vehicle which is cost thousands of dollars, high interest rate if you do not have good credit and many months of payments or you can rebuilt your engine and have your car run like it is brand new.

We have put together a list of reliable engines and crankshaft rebuilders or re-manufacturers trusted in their respective community. Since rebuilding your engine is not an ordinary repair job, it is vital to have your engine rebuilt by a trusted overhaul / recondition machine shop. In addition, you will need to hire a mechanic who specialize in engine replacement. Most reman engine shops will re-manufacture both gas and diesel engines.

Engine rebuilt shops and mechanics should have a good knowledge about removing and replacing the following parts:

Connecting Rod Bearing
Crankshaft Main Bearing
Crankshaft Repair Sleeve
Crankshaft Seal
Cylinder Head Bolt
Engine Cover
Exhaust Valve
Intake Valve
Oil Drain Plug
Oil Drain Plug Gasket
Oil Filter
TDC Sensor
Thrust Washer
Timing Cover Repair Sleeve
Timing Cover Seal
Torque Strut Mount
Turbocharger Boost Sensor
Valve Cover Gasket
Valve Guide
Valve Stem Seal

The rebuilt shop should provide warranty on all jobs done. Do keep you warranty in you glove compartment or a safe place in the event you engine should go bad during the warranty period. Warranty usually includes 36 months or 100,000 miles. Price of mechanic labor can range from $45 to $100 an hour depending on your state and type of vehicle. BMW, Volvo, Mercedes engine replacement will cost much more than a Toyota Camry. Price will vary slightly from gas to diesel.