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Used Chevy Seat Belt auto parts Guide

Used Chevy Seat Belt Definition

Passenger restraint device normally consisting of a series of two cloth straps, one that goes across the passenger's lap, and one that goes across the shoulders. They are designed to prevent ejection from the car or truck in case of an accident. Automatic seatbelts literally "buckle you up" as soon as the doors are closed, on some car or trucks.

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Used Chevy Seat Belt for Sale

SET L & R -2 Chevy Malibu Gray Seat Belt Assy Pre-Tensioner Retractor ID:6897
Condition: New other (see details)
Condition: New
Condition: Remanufactured

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Chevy Models

Astra, Astro, Aveo, Beretta, Blazer,, C2, Camaro, Caprice, Cavalier, Celebrity, Chevelle, Chevette, Chevy, Citation, Cobalt, Corsa, Corsica, Corvair, Corvette, El, Epica, Equinox, HHR, Impala, Lumina, Luv, Malibu, Meriva, Metro, Monte, Monza, Nova, Optra, Prizm, S/10/S15/Sonoma, Spectrum, Sprint, SSR, Suburban-10, Suburban-1000, Suburban-1500, Suburban-20, Suburban-2500, Suburban-30, Syclone, Taho

Chevy Seat Belt Part Request

1988, Chevy Truck-2500-ser Seat Belt - CA, California
i need a set belt for my 1988 chevy plz text me or email me if u have one

1985, Chevy S10s15sonom Seat Belt - AL, Alabama
I am looking for the passenger side seat belt (red only). I have 1985 model single cab truck. Thanks.

1996, Chevy Impala-1980-up Seat Belt - TX, Texas
looking for seat belt from chevy impala or caprice to replace

1996, Chevy Impala-1980-up Seat Belt - TX, Texas
Looking to replace my front driver seat belt. Please send me an email if you have anything for a 1996 caprice/impala gray seat belt oem. thx

1996, Chevy Impala-1980-up Seat Belt - AL, Alabama
seat belt for 1996 chevy impala...

2007, Chevy Aveo Seat Belt - GA, Georgia
I have a 2007 Chevy Aveo 5 and the drivers side seat belt connector/latch is broken. It has a wire which is connected underneath the seat. I do not need the entire strap.

1992, Chevy Truck-10-series-1987-do Seat Belt - AL, Alabama
i need the driver side seat belt arm. the part that comes from the floor that the seat belt actually snaps into.

2003, Chevy Truck-s10s15sonoma Seat Belt - MI,
I need the driver's right side seat belt component. Thanks for your help.

1997, Chevy Suburban-1500 Seat Belt - MI,
Looking for female driver side seat belt in burgundy.

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