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Used Chevy Seat Belt Definition
Passenger restraint device normally consisting of a series of two cloth straps, one that goes across the passenger's lap, and one that goes across the shoulders. They are designed to prevent ejection from the car or truck in case of an accident. Automatic seatbelts literally "buckle you up" as soon as the doors are closed, on some car or trucks.
Used Chevy Seat Belt for Sale
1976-1981 Jeep CJ5 Seat Belt Omix Jeep Seat Belt 1
omix retractable lap seat belt, black -- 3-point shoulder harness; a high quality, direct fit oe replacement seat belt; for larger seats and consoles; use extension bracket part number 13202.03 to extend female end.
1956-1964 Jeep 6-226 Seat Belt Omix Jeep Seat Belt
omix seat belt harness floor mount -- with oval washer and welded nut; a high quality, direct fit oe replacement seat belt harness floor mount.
1997-2003 Acura CL Seat Belt Replacement Acura Sea
universal 2-point seat belt, black, sold individually -- 1-3/4 in. width x 54 in. full extended length; 10 mm bolt mounting; comes with center push buckles; without electronic sensor attachments; may require modification or adjustments to vehicle.
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