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Request for used auto parts from salvage and junk yards

Used 2000 Dodge Dakota Starter Solenoid
CO, 5.9 magnum engine

Used 2008 Dodge Nitro Window Switch
AL, Master power window switch. number 68039999AA without Auto on button.

Used 2008 Dodge Nitro Window Switch
AL, master power window switch number 68039999AA

Used 2006 Lexus GS430 Engine Control Module
FL, Looking for part #89540-30630 kick plate abs vsc skid control module

Used 2006 Dodge Stratus Headlight
AL, Passengers headlight Front passengers fender

Used 2001 Acura CL 15" Tire
MN, Tires 215/50 zr17

Used 2002 Lincoln LS Alternator
NY, alternator

Used 2000 Nissan Xterra 16" Tire
CT, need 2 front center hub caps parts number 40260008b400

Used 1996 Oldsmobile 98 Radiator
NY, Need replacement radiator.

Used 2010 Toyota Corolla Wheel
NH, 4 wheel rims

Used 1973 Chevrolet Vega Sun Shield
WA, Need sedan right windshield trim

Used 1979 Ford Ranchero Park Light Assembly
GA, passenger side park/turn light assembly. lens is broken. Need whole assembly

Used 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix 14" Tire
NE, need both frt fenders and quarter panels

Used 2005 Mercury Mountaineer Hitch
MO, Rear upper hatch

Used 2005 Chrysler Sebring Engine Mount
MO, Need a new motor

Used 1997 Ford F-150 17" Tire
NM, I might need a tranny

Used 1974 Ford F-250 Pickup Oil Pan Gasket
WA, 4/4 oil pan pick up tube dip stick and bolt for pick up tube.

Used 1993 Toyota 4Runner Differential
TN, Need to get differential. Can only drive in 4 wheel front tires are all that pulls

Used 1993 Toyota 4Runner Differential
TN, My rear end went out drivable in 4low front tires all that pull

Used 1993 Toyota 4Runner Differential
TN, Need rear end