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Get reliable Acura salvage parts. Stop trying to find Acura parts the old fashion way. Reduce the amount of time spent looking for great deals on used junk yard Acura parts. Search through our Acura manufacturer directory and get the Acura dealers for your parts.

When you call a Acura dealer for used junk yard parts make sure you know the exact part you need and have a method of payment ready as to reduce time. If you can not find a Acura part from any of the dealers on our list just fill in our parts request form and we will quickly help you find it.

Acura Only
9337 San Fernando Road, S
(818) 768-6608

Acura Parts Connection
1450 Peachtree Industrial
(877) 506-0664

Acura Specialists Junkyard
4101 Northwest 27th Avenu
(305) 634-0056

Auto Adventure Acura
125 S.E. Clay Street, Por
(800) 351-0084

BMVW Acura Parts
8195 Gullatt Rd., Palmett
(770) 969-9999

East Park Acura
290 Crum Elbow Road, Hyde
(800) 289-8733

H & A Acura
4646 South Chestnut Ave,
(888) 266-0123

H.A.P. Acura
3379 Sunrise Blvd, Rancho
(800) 999-9499

Import Center Acura
3898 Depot Road, Hayward,
(800) 862-1568

Japanese Acura
5508 Duarte st., Los Ange
(888) 589-3219

Luxury Mart Acura
3501 East Jefferson Boule
(877) 265-5215

Scott's Acura Junkyard
209 North Link Lane, Fort
(800) 767-8640

Sunrise Foreign Acura
3370 Sunrise Blvd., Ranch
(800) 557-8674