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What You Need to Know About Your Vehicle’s Axle Shafts

In replacing your car’s axle shafts, it helps if you have instructions coming from experts to finish the task considering that this is a quite an advanced job. Firstly, you need to have certain tools that you need to use in replacing your car’s axle shafts. These tools are specialized tools like vehicle-specific sockets, ball joint removers, etc.
To start off, just leave out one side as it is and work on the other. This makes it easier for you to remember the axle assemblies later on and you know how to put things back together. When you have a missing CV joint boot, you have to replace the axle shaft. The best way to fix this is to replace the entire axle assemble.
In replacing the parts, you have to make sure that only get the components that meet or surpass the requirements of the original axle assemblies.
So, why is it essential that you know how to replace axle shafts?

Even if you are not a car expert, there are ways to identify if your axle shafts are already worn out and need replacement. The power comes from the way axle assemblies function. At the end, there is what you call a constant velocity joint. To prevent any contaminants and to make sure there’s lubrication, you have the rubber boots. But if along with the failure of the boots, your axle shaft may also encounter problems. Once you notice certain sounds, it is a sign of a possible axle failure.

Things You Need for Axle Shaft Replacement

Here are the tools and other things that you need to replace the axle shafts:

  1. Breaker bar
  2. Replacement axle assemblies
  3. SAE
  4. Pry bar
  5. Rags
  6. Cotter pins
  7. Pickle fork
  8. Safety glasses
  9. Car jack and stands
  10. Axle nut sockets (32, 34, 36mm)

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