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Used Rear Camera for Nissan Frontier at the Junkyard

The rearview cameras of late-model Nissan frontier trucks are hard to find at the junkyards. For one, smart high definition cameras placed on vehicles are not an old feature, but rather something recently added to vehicles. There are many vehicles on the streets of American that do not have cameras. Most cars that are older than seven years do not. Therefore, there is a limited number of vehicles at the junkyards with cameras.

The Nissan Frontier rear cameras cost about $250 at the dealership. At the junkyard, the cost can be as low as $25. The device is no more than 3 inches in length. A good place you could perhaps find a used Nissan Frontier camera is a used parts facility like LKQ.

The modern junkyard company has a wide network of junkyard facilities across the country and can source parts from a wide array of sources. The company buys junk and wrecked cars from individuals. It also has a relationship with insurance companies via which it sources wrecked and totaled vehicles.

Another reliable source for locating a good rearview camera is The company is a one-stop-shop for parts supplied from a number of individual junkyard owners across the country.

Image of Nissan Frontier rear view camera

Closer image of a rearview camera (cost about $250 at the dealership, but as low as $25 at the junkyards)

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