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The Coolest Classic Used Vehicles

Now, we love all used vehicles equally, but some just hold a special place in our heart. You know the ones we’re talking about: the classics. The vehicles that get admiring looks from passers by, the ones that transport you to the golden days of yesterday, the ones that, if they could just hang out on a wall, would be considered a work of art.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the coolest, classiest, and most retro used vehicles money can buy. Some of these can be had for as little as $5000, while some may costs many tens of thousands to snag, but when it comes down to it, all that really matters is how much fun they are to be in and be seen in.

The Volkswagen Type 2

For instant appeal, it doesn’t get much better than the classic Volkswagen Type 2, more commonly known as ‘The Hippie Van’. It’s impossible to look at the van without conjuring up images of long haired, easy going, far out hippies cruising to the latest sounds of the sixties. Admittedly, those days are probably behind the majority of us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relive the good old days. They’re not just for show, though: these things are still going strong some fifty decades later, with a prominent fangroup making sure it’s always possible to start her up. Take good care of the van and she’ll still be going for a few more decades to come. Time to throw on some Grateful Dead tunes and chase the sunset heading west. May the good times never end...

Datsun 240z

The Datsun 240z looks great, has an established status for cool, and oh, can this thing run. Make no mistake: this car doesn’t just look fast; it is fast. Boasting a six-cylinder engine that purrs on the open road, the 240z gets going quickly and then stays there. Not that you’ll be treating it as if it were any old sports car: it deserves so much more. In our mind, this is the car to have when you’re cruising down California’s Highway 1 on a warm summer evening. You’re not trying to get anywhere in particular, just enjoying the sensation of being in a world-class vehicle. Can’t life always be like this?

Aston Martin DB5

They don’t get much cooler than the Aston Martin DB5, James Bond’s most iconic vehicle. Aston Martin have a long and storied history, and really we could have placed any number of their vehicles in this list, but they got it just about perfectly right when they introduced the DB5 in the early sixties. This is a luxury grand tourer at its finest, offering a level of refined design and comfort that most modern car manufacturers would consider insane. Alas, it doesn’t come with all the trimmings that James Bond had on his car: you won’t find an ejector seat, while your license plate probably won’t revolve (so pay attention to speed tickets). Still, you’ll be in the same bracket as England’s finest secret agent, and that’s all that matters.

1969 Ford Mustang

Ford have kind of always got it right when it comes to the Mustang, but the very best was its 1969 version. For that car, we’re not just talking about the best Mustang: we’re talking about one of the best muscle cars ever made. Clean, stylish, and jacked to the brim, this car would become king of the road in no time at all, a title the Mustang has basically clinged onto ever since. One thing is for certain, you’re going to feel pretty great when you’re behind the wheel of the 1969 Ford Mustang. So settle in, crank that radio up loud, and take yourself back to a year when the Beatles were still officially together and the awesome, rockin’ seventies was just about to get into full swing.

This is just a taster of some of the favorite classic used vehicles, so let us know if you have any personal favorites. Not all used cars can be considered noteworthy, but some just really ignite the imagination. When it comes down to it, a great car is a great car, regardless of how long it’s been since it was produced.

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