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Replacing a Vehicle Speed Sensor

Among the different parts, the vehicle speed sensor is one of the easiest components to change. You only need the following tools to replace a vehicle speed sensory: jack, jack stands, new vehicle speed sensor, open ended wrench and adjustable wrench. The speed sensor is an essential magnetic coil since it functions by measuring the gear rotations in the transmission. It would then relay the information in the dashboard. Once you notice that your speedometer is not working, you have to replace and have a new vehicle speed sensor.

The very first thing that you should do is to ensure that you only the buy the right vehicle speed sensor for your vehicle. Make sure that you prior to purchasing, you look at the information like the engine size, model, year and car make.

Once you have purchased the correct vehicle speed sensor, you need to have enough space to jack up the front end of the vehicle. You have to use a floor jack to jack up the front end of the car then you can just put a jack stand on one of the sides of the car.

With your car more stable to work on, you just have to find the vehicle speed sensor. With the help of jack stands, the task is made easier. Go underneath the car and locate the vehicle speed sensor. It is placed at the bottom of the transmission on in the rear side.

Remove the electrical plug that is connected to the sensor and just let it hand. Afterward, you can just remove the vehicle speed sensor by using an adjustable or an open end wrench. Just do not put that much pressure in order to avoid breaking the threads. You are now ready to put the new vehicle speed sensor. Install it until it is located in the right place.

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