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Replacing a Driveshaft Center Bearing

In replacing a driveshaft center bearing, you need the following: duct tape, brass end punch, grease, hammer, jack, jack stands, combination wrench set, work light and socket wrench set and piece of chalk.

To replace it, you have to access the driveshaft. Using a jack allows you to raise the vehicle up and to have enough space to work using the tools listed. Put the vehicle on the jack stands and make sure the position is under the axle. It also helps if you have a work light for easy visibility.

After that, you can use index marks. Create a reference mark on the side of the transmission using a chalk. Drawing a reference mark makes it easier for you to reposition the shaft during reinstallation.

Apart from the shaft, you also have to create a mark for the universal joint. Draw a reference mark for the joint where the yoke comes out so that you know where to reinstall it once the shaft is removed. Mark the plates as well.

When you are done with the markings, the next step is to remove the drive shaft. With the use of the wrench and the socket, you can remove the driveshaft center bearing from the frame. Remove the bolts and wrap the caps of the universal joint using a duct tape. This is to prevent the caps from falling off. Move the drive shaft to the rear.
Install the New Bearing
To install the new bearing, you have to apply some grease on the shaft. Push the bearing to the shaft to put in the right position. With a brass-ended punch, you can force the bearing hard. Reassemble and reinstall the components. Using the index marks as your guide, you will not have any difficulty in reinstalling them.

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