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Remove a Clutch Master Cylinder

If you are experiencing problems with your clutch, the problem might come from the master hydraulic cylinder. If there is leak especially with worn seals, the effect is the same as the air will also go into the system. In this case, you have to fit a new cylinder.

So, how do you remove a clutch master cylinder?

The very first thing is to get a container that will catch the fluid that runs out once you remove the cylinder. Use rags or plastic sheeting.

In unscrewing the pipe union nut and in lifting the pipe clear, be careful so as not to break it. Use a plastic bag with a rubber band to cover the pipe end.

Remove the clutch pedal from the master-cylinder pushrod. When refitting, you have to use new splits.

For the reservoir, you can remove the cap if it is not integral Use a small plastic sheet, put it on the opening of the reservoir and put the cap back. This is to ensure that the fluid loss is reduced.

Pull the connecting pipe from the cylinder and plug the hole in the reservoir. Unscrew the master cylinder. Once you are done with refitting, put fluid and bleed the hydraulic system.  By bleeding the system, you are actually removing air and to ensure that only liquid comes out of the valve.

Just make sure that in changing a master cylinder, you only purchase the cylinder from the same manufacturer and that you get the right model.

Check the System

Once you are done with the process, you have to check if the clutch fluid is enough. If it is low, you have to look if there are leaks. If there is a leak, remove the part and replace it. If there is no leak, you can just use a service kit for the cylinders.

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