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Installing the Clutch

To ensure that your vehicle does not encounter any problem, you have to check the clutch and replace damaged or worn out components. When the engine is removed, it helps if you can check the clutch. So, once you have to finally replace it, the next step is to install the clutch.

  1. Install the flywheel. Make sure it is clean by using acetone or lacquer thinner. Do not use grease or oil on the surfaces.
  2. The next step is to ensure that there is proper positioning or alignment of the pressure plate and clutch disk vis-Ă -vis the flywheel. To make things easier, you can use an alignment tool. You can use a clutch pilot tool to see is the clutch is installed at the right location.
  3. Once the clutch disk is installed, use damper strings. If you are still using the same pressure plate, you need to have the matching marks for the pressure plate and the flywheel.
  4. Using a clutch alignment tool, install it into the middle of the clutch dish until it reaches the crankshaft’s end. You can move the tool up and down and from side to another. While doing this, the clutch dish should be against the flywheel.
  5. You can now install the pressure plate. Tighten the 6 mounting bolts crosswise across the pressure plate. Then, torque them to 10 ft-lbs and to 18 ft-lbs.
  6. If you removed the clutch release bearing, you have to install it and to ensure that it has lubrication. The outer surface should have high-temperature grease.
  7. Re-install the engine following the right engine installation procedure.
  8. Once you have reinstalled the engine, you can work on adjusting the clutch. You can just follow the clutch adjustment procedure to make things easier for you.

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