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Importance of Automatic Transmission Service

It is essential that you to have the automatic transmission serviced depending on the suggested interval. So, what is an automatic transmission fluid and what is a filter replacement? The former is a lightweight oil that is used to give lubrication and for automatic transmission. It works as a coolant for the transmission and it filters contaminants and other dirt.

Since the performance of transmission is affected by dirty or a clogged filter, it is important for the automatic transmission to be serviced. This will depend on the recommended interval. How do you know if it needs to be serviced? There are symptoms that you can start to notice. Once you see these symptoms, your car’s automatic transmission needs to be serviced.

One of the symptoms is that you will hear strange noises. Usually, you will hear a grinding sound coming from the transmission. Another symptom is that when you are shifting gears, you will notice that you are having problems. Your gears may also slip. The vehicle may heave backward or forward.
Once you observe these symptoms, automatic transmission needs to be serviced. Experts recommend filter and transmission fluid replacement every 20,000 to 40,000 miles. Given these interval, you can avoid experiencing these kinds of problems. It also helps if you can look at the manual and see the recommendation for your vehicle.
In replacing the filter and the automatic transmission fluid, the transmission pan is removed. This drains out the fluid. Apart from the pan, the filter is also removed. During the service, they will check the oil pan to see if it is clean or if there’s debris. Then, they will install a new pan gasket. Now, your transmission has fresh fluid. Make sure that you consult or go to your service technician to help you with the problem.

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