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How to Replace CV Joint Boots

When your car’s CV joint boot is broken, the result is that it damages the joint depending on the boot problem. To avoid joint failure, it is important that you identify the problem during maintenance. For instance, you can check the oil changes and inspect the brakes. When you inspect the boot, you should watch out for any tear, leak, crack or split.

Inspecting the CV Joint
Given the normal conditions, CV joints and boots can last up to 150,000 miles. According to one of the major suppliers of axle shafts, they would be replaced in between 70,000 miles to 130,000 miles. In addition to that, there are also certain car models and car makes that would eat shafts. For instance, Subaru car owners are more likely to have higher replacement rate compare to other car makes. In inspecting the CV joint, it is important to check the grease for contamination. This is the very first thing that needs to be done before the boot is removed and replaced. But if it does not have any grease then it must be replaced.
How to Disassemble a CV Joint Boot
You have to remove the retaining clamps first before you can finally disassemble a CV joint boot. Once you have removed the retaining clamps, you also have to remove the axle. This exposes the boot and the joint. Remove all of the parts from the joint casing.

CV Joint Assembly and Replacement
With an empty joint casing, you have to follow the right alignment marks. The inner ball race and the joint cage should be properly secured. Make sure that the unit has lubrications based on the specifications provided. When the boot is moved and clamped to the end of the axle, it is important to inspect

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