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Colonel Brassy surface cleaner

Colonel brassy is an industrial strength cleaning supply to clean brass, copper, stainless steel chrome, fiberclass, porcelain formica, title, glass, mirrors, sterling silver, plastic and much more.

A small amount of Colonel Brassy on a clean cloth and polish the surface for a few second can have dramatic results.

Use Colonel Brassy on motorcycles, Boats, plastic material, dirt bikes, oxidation, hard water, hair dye, boats, antiques, atv's & utv's, RV's, golf carts, over spray & rust, adhesives, yellow headlights, garage wall, etc

For heavily tarnished metals use colonel brassy straight out of the bottle. For polished metals and metal requiring just polishing, try diluting with water with up to 1:5 ratio. Always test on small hidden areas on any polished metal.

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