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Build modern hot rods on a budget

Several people have questions about modern hot rods. However when questions are asked about what are considered to be modern hot rods some would say the imports are the new hot rods or the brand new mustang or the lower rides are. However really, none of these are actually the modern hot rods. Before you can get to know which cars are actually considered as modern hot rods you can just go through which cars are actually determined as hot rods.

The first thing to consider is the cost to purchase the car and the cost for the parts, while the second thing to consider is the mods. You should know what mods are available and how common these parts are. Most of the cars are today getting close to 30 year old or somewhat like the 32 fords of the 60s. Most of these vehicles stock only have around 200hp but a lot can be done to them while staying on a budget.

The Ford F-150, 1980-1986 model which is a highly over looked car can actually be made into a hot rod. These vehicles usually are usually just though of as more of basic cheap vehicles but they would most likely contain either 351W or 302W which are parts that are easy to find and can also be built to make real power.

There is also the Dodge Mirada, 1980-1983 model which was a short lived car at that time when MOMPAR went through financial troubles. These cars actually come with 318 stock but you can actually swap in for a 360 or 340 LA for some of the series power. There are also several other vehicles such as Chevy Caprice, 1977-1990 model, Chevy Malibu, 1978-1983 model, Chevy Monte Carlo, 1978-1988 model and others that can be turned into modern hot rods while staying in your budget.

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