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Axle/CV Shaft Assemble Replacement: How Much Does It Cost?

Also known as CV axles or half shafts, axle shaft is an essential part that connects wheel to the gears. It is responsible for the wheels to rotate. On one end of the shaft, it is connected to the wheel while the other is connected to the transmission.

Without these axles, there will no tire rotation. There are 4 components that make up the axle shafts: the boots, grease, CV joints and shaft. When the CV joints are not lubricated, the tendency is that the axle wears out as dir penetrates the joint.

Usually, you can easily identify if there is a need for Axle/CV shaft assembly replacement. There are symptoms that you can identify. For instance, you will notice that there is a loud noise in the rear of the car whenever you make a turn. When you look at the edges of the tires, you will see some grease and when you drive, you can feel vibration.

How Is It Done
In replacing the axle shaft, the very first thing is that there is a need to examine or to look at the CV shaft that needs replacement. The next process is to remove the wheel and to have a new placement for the axle. Torque the fasteners as well as the wheels based on the specifications. Check the pressure of the tire then conduct a road test.

Cost of Axle/CV Shaft Assemble Replacement
Instead of stressing yourself out, it is better that you go to an auto repair shop. Let professionals and expert mechanics do the work. The cost widely varies. It will depend on the car you are driving as well as the auto repair shop you choose. The cost may range from $200 to $300.

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