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Brantley County Georgia Junkyards

One man's old part can be another man's reliable used part. In Brantley County, Georgia, the commission has agreed that some of the junkyards are lowering the value of homes in the community if they are located close to residential areas. 

The commission agreed that although it would not bad junkyards, junk cars, salvage parts, and wrecker service used car parts business should be clean and well kept and should be away from residential areas.

The new law, stipulates that all junk yards and auto salvage used parts businesses should be fenced and the landscape free from pollution

The law is aimed at commercial and non commercial junk yards as well. With 10 to 20 cars parked on the highway or busy road area, guidelines had to be issued for safety. The new law will be profitable for tow trucks that will be used to tow old vehicles, boats, lawn mowers off the side of the road

Junk Yards in Brantley County

A B & B Auto Parts
160 North Main Street
Nahunta, GA‎ - (912) 462-6080‎

Barber's Recycling & Disposal
360 Friendship Church Road
Alma, GA‎ - (912) 632-5001‎

A B & B Auto Parts ‎
540111 US Highway 1, Callahan, FL‎ - (904) 354-0142‎

Arwood Waste‎
Brunswick, GA‎ - (912) 265-0012‎

Owens Auto Junkyard
130 B and F Road
Brunswick, GA‎ - (912) 265-4115‎

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